What is the meaning of true love?

What motivates us in life? The means and forms could be wrong, however, the reason we do what we do always leads to one thing — Love for the self. I have been through a journey that helped me understand this, and the real meaning of true love.

That which we call love in an egoic sense is superficial because true love is not an emotion, it’s a state of being which can be felt at a deeper level – like being connected with the inner self to be the source of love from within. 

Egoic love, on the other hand, is when we fall in love with a person because being with that person makes us feel great – they provide us with the physical and emotional needs we want. This is the egoic expression of love which is about ‘what I am going to get?’ or ‘what’s in it for me?’ and not true love, which is about being the source of love, and about giving. Like when we say ‘I love this flower’, loving the flower is letting it blossom and not plucking it, and when we say ‘I love fish’, loving the fish is letting it live, not capturing it and having it for dinner.

Egoic love is when we experience pleasure when we are with someone or when we have something we like. When we are done having it, or we lose it, we feel the pain of not having it until we experience it again. And so we get caught up in this cycle of pleasure and pain. There is a co-dependency on someone, or something, in order to feel this pleasure. 

True love is when we live in a state of love and pleasure from within, where there is no dependency on something beyond us, and in this state, we become unlimited and unconditional – we love everyone unconditionally and we never run out of love because it is limitless. When we give love unconditionally, we receive love in abundance.

I read about the law of attraction a few years ago and it suggests that we become what we think about. There is some science which suggests that thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetically charged waves, and when thoughts and feelings are coherent then we attract experiences equal to that. So if that holds true, then being in a state of love at a deeper level will lead to loving thoughts, and when we think and feel love all the time then we will produce a life similar to this state of being.

“When we give love unconditionally, we receive love in abundance.”

Kash Desai

If we believe that we are creations, we end up looking for the source of happiness and love outside of us, but I believe that we are creators and that we have been equipped with a mind and body that is the source of unlimited love. If we use it, we can spend the rest of our lives creating the life that we want. Love is the energy that attracts abundance in all forms, heals the body, and is also the reason that everything exists. After all, love is our motivation in life, for every little thing we do.

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Kash Desai

Kash Desai

I’m Kash Desai and we’re on a journey to make a paradigm shift and create a more loving world. Come and let’s spread love together.



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