Tips for Making Good Relationships Even Better

As a human, we all need to feel loved and appreciated. By nature, people are social creatures. We have emotional needs to be fulfilled including love and belongingness. Having a romantic relationship with someone you love gives a different feeling of high. We would all be on this journey of finding the one. Some people find it easier to find their match while others find it more challenging to find their perfect pair. And just when you thought you are lucky to find the love of your life, suddenly your relationship becomes shaky. Truth be told, all relationships go through ups and downs. It’s not always sunny and you both need to stay strong during the storm. If you want to have a good relationship, it would require continuous hard work and commitment from both parties. 

Do you feel that the spark in your relationship is slowly fading?  Or are you looking for ways to make it grow even healthier? Let me spill 5 secrets on how to keep a healthy relationship and how to make it even better.

1) Discover new things together

Relationships are tested by time. As time goes by, relationship issues become common. Some would say it’s boring them to death because everything becomes a routine. Break free from this unhealthy cycle by injecting new ideas into your relationship. Do something new together whether it’s going camping, travelling to another country, modifying your diet, gardening, or even donating to a charity. Don’t focus too much on the activity but the bonding session with your partner and the benefits it would bring to your relationship.

2) Disagree politely

Conflicts are part of every relationship. It’s normal not to agree with each other’s point of view but remember to always keep mutual respect. Disagree if you must but do not be rude. Try to be calm and explain your side in a nice manner. Don’t force things and give each other time to breath and digest everything. It would be easier to meet halfway and come up with a solution if both of you are calm. Remember, it’s not about winning the argument but keeping a good relationship. 

3) Spend quality time together

Juggling career, personal life, and romantic relationship can be stressful. Sometimes, our schedule gets busy and we are unable to keep up with everything. Spending quality time is vital in maintaining healthy relationships. If you are committed to having a lasting relationship, then find ways to balance all aspects of life. Go on a quick coffee date or prepare meals for your partner. Give your partner a call during your free time and check on her. It does not have to be grand. You just have to make time. 

4) Have a life outside your romantic ties

With this, I don’t mean to look for a new love interest. The message I wanted to convey is to keep a monogamous relationship with your special someone but don’t cut family relationships and maintain your circle of friends. Keep in mind that you have a romantic relationship to sustain but you also have an identity to keep. Do things that make you feel good like an old hobby or develop new skills. Both should compromise to make the relationship better without losing each one’s unique being. 

5) Don’t be afraid to get support

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to seek the support of a professional. Don’t feel obligated to solve everything on your own. Many relationships could have been saved if people had asked for relationship advice and considered couple’s therapy. These professionals can be of great help in improving personal relations and saving people from unhealthy and toxic habits. 

Creating healthy relationships entails time, sacrifices, and effort. If you want a lasting relationship, take action now. Talk things over and set a common goal which makes your relationship better each waking day. 

As a bonus, a new mobile app, The Happy Club, will be officially launched in November and it’s packed with pro-tips on how to improve not just romantic relationships but also the relationship with your inner self.

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Kash Desai

Kash Desai

I’m Kash Desai and we’re on a journey to make a paradigm shift and create a more loving world. Come and let’s spread love together.



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