About Kash Desai

I am living proof that you can rewrite your future,
despite who you were or where you came from.
– Your Happiness Coach
My mission
My name is Kash Desai, a high-school pass, factory worker, fearlessly fought my way to massive Financial Freedom - Successful career in a corporate. Labels, titles, bank balance, posh cars, top lifestyle – you name it. I was a winner to the world, but I found myself buried deep in clinical Depression and Anxiety in my 30's.

Failing to recognise myself in the mirror and endlessly procrastinating, fearing the unknown - I finally decided to take charge and make a BIG shift.

I went on a journey of self-discovery and healing, and what I found literally changed my life. With that knowledge, I built a result-oriented system. It was Measurable, Repeatable, and Predictable. I managed to re-program my mind and heal myself. I experienced a phenomenal transformation as I uncovered the secret to true Happiness and Fulfilment. It was always there and I just had to know how to be aware of it.

My "aha" moment was when I realised I had gone without antidepressants, not a single moment of depression or unhappiness. Instead, I felt Joy, Peace, and Love for everyone and everything I had. I found my FREEDOM!

My mission is to help you come to the same realisation: that you’re able to find the answers you seek within yourself. You don’t need to let the past continue to hold you back. You don’t need expensive clothes or car to feel fulfilled. Instead, you only have to be your true self, recognise your innate power, peace, beauty, and love to begin rewriting your story – one where you’re in charge of your own destiny. Your future can be one in which past experiences will play no part in shaping what you are capable of.
Here's my story
As a successful life coach, I have a wealth of experience in helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Quite simply, I know that the secret to your dreams and ambitions starts and ends with you. How can I be so sure? Well, that’s because I have been the author of my own story – and I have transformed my own life.
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