10 Great Lessons You Can Learn From A Life Coach

10 Great Lessons You Can Learn From A Life Coach 

Our life does not come with a manual that serves as a guide. We are on a life-journey where learning and growing is a continuous process. People nowadays are smarter. Unlike before where they need to learn from their own mistakes, the generation now can take a cue from those who have experienced it first hand so they don’t fall into the same mistakes.

If you ever feel lost and want inspiration to move past limiting beliefs or patterns, then finding a life coach would be invaluable. Valuable life lessons can be learned from well-respected life coaches that are open to sharing experiences which have shaped them into a better person. Here are 10 great lessons you can learn from a life coach.

1 ) There is always an option

Don’t be confined to the idea that you are left with no choice. The truth is, we all have a choice. If I did not choose to escape from the factory where I was working almost non-stop, I would have been stuck there forever. But, I made my own choice to have a better life and all my hard work paid off. The choice is yours to make. Whatever option you go with will make an impact on your life so examine all alternatives.

2 ) Setbacks are temporary

Just when we have the best of everything, in one move, something can happen and can take the best of us. Life can be cruel and many times, it can knock us down. While it can seem impossible to achieve our goals when we drown in frustration, remember that nothing is permanent. Setbacks are temporary. For now, learn to trust the process and find ways to make things a little lighter until it gets better.

3 ) Who you surround yourself with defines you

People around us play a vital role in our lives. These people affect our mood, attitude, and even our perspective. If you have a toxic environment, soon you will absorb all of that negativity. We don’t get to choose our schoolmates or workmates, but we can always surround ourselves with people who uplift us and bring nothing but positivity.

4 ) Learn to love yourself

Keep in mind that YOU matter and YOU are worth loving. Self-love is beyond pampering yourself with material things. Loving yourself means accepting yourself, acknowledging your flaws, and continuously striving to be the best person that you can be.

5 ) You can never be too ready for anything

There is never a perfect time for anything. If you want to move to a new place, then do it. If your job is stressing you out, don’t wait for years before resigning. If you want to develop a new skill but you’re still waiting for the right time to do it, the perfect time is NOW! Whatever it is that you want to do, start now and keep moving.

6 ) Never give up on your dreams

Not all people will support you in achieving your dreams. Hurdles and hardships will test your determination and your commitment to your intentions. Sometimes you may even reevaluate if this is the right path for you. If you feel a burning desire to achieve something, then make it happen! Take breaks if you must, but never let go of your dreams.

7 ) Always be grateful

Life can be cruel at times. Failed exams, unpaid bills, retrenchment, betrayal, and the list goes on. Keep in mind that even if you are experiencing any of these hardships in life, there are many things that we can be grateful for. A roof over your head, a supportive family, or food on the table. Make a daily gratitude list and you will feel that you are indeed blessed.

8 ) Health is wealth

I can’t emphasise enough how good health is synonymous with finding a gem. Never compromise your health for anything. Stay away from stressful things and toxic people that affect your physical and mental health.

9 ) Money is important but it is not everything

During my childhood, I struggled to make a small amount of money for my family. I was not able to go to college because I didn’t have the money to pay for my tuition. Money is vital to sustaining our daily needs, so it is important but it is not everything. Money can buy material things but it will not give us the ultimate happiness and peace of mind that we seek.

10 ) Find your inner voice and make a change 

We are not here by accident. We are here to know our purpose and to make our mark in this world. Discover what amazing gift you have and use it to change the world we live in. In my case, my inner voice is telling me to spread love and make this world a happier place. I am using my voice for people to see their full potential and make them limitless! 

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Kash Desai

Kash Desai

I’m Kash Desai and we’re on a journey to make a paradigm shift and create a more loving world. Come and let’s spread love together.



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