Let's make the world a happier and more loving place to be.

Hi! I'm Kash Desai, and I am the Founder of The Happy Club. This project is a labour of love, born out of an idea to instil hope and to inspire people to reconnect with their inner self. I have embarked on a journey to make this world a more loving place and it starts one person at a time.

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Working at a pace that suits you – be that through a one-off consultation or through a series of sessions – I will teach you how to find true happiness and believe in yourself. I won’t make you false promises, and I will be as gentle (or as tough!) as you need me to be.

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Our journey together starts with self-love. And to support this, one of our key initiatives is The Happy Club app. This app will feature:

  • transformative courses on self-love
  • relaxing and inspiring meditations and meditation courses
  • inspiring podcasts
  • a truly global loving community
  • yoga classes for fitness & balance
  • an ‘on-demand’ life coaching platform.

By supporting us on Kickstarter, you’re not only supporting the development of our app, you’re supporting our vision, and, there’s a bunch of exclusive gifts available such as guided meditations, early access to courses, guesting on the podcast, and 1-1 coaching with me.

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